ASIC Production

Supply Chain und Obsolescence Management in Focus Flexibility Is Key Total Production Partial Production Migration Quality Assurance

Supply Chain und Obsolescence Management in Focus

Costs in Mind

We have been taking over the manufacturing of specific circuits for oFotolia_80379446_XXL-bearbeitetur customers for many years. Our holistic model of ensuring the cost-efficient production of long-lasting semiconductors according to different quantity requirements has proved itself in practice. High rates of on-time delivery and exceptional quality when supplying components are our strengths.

Productivity Engineering GmbH (PE) is committed to sustainability and responsibility in its entrepreneurial decisions. In addition to ethical obligations to which PE is dedicated the conformity to regulations and obligations of material usage in the production of integrated circuits is of great importance to us. You can find our Material Compliance Statement here.

Flexibility Is Key

We will support you in all phases of the product life cycle with any service you require: starting with choosing the package to batch production, yield analysis and fault analysis if needed and the subsequent preparation of improvement measures on the part of the supplier or in design.

Through longstanding collaboration with established, global and ISO-certified suppliers, we can offer you a comprehensive packaging range and even customer-specific variations.

Our flexible service model within the supply chain gives you the choice to opt only for individual production steps such as packaging or IC testing. We have no problems incorporating your qualified suppliers into our supply chain. If required, we can arrange production according to single orders or within the framework of a general supply contract, including warehousing.

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“The partnership is based on trust and openness and proves itself to us through flexibility and PE’s short communication channels. We are certain of the first class ASIC solutions and just-in-time production.”

Total Production

Wafer Production – Supply Chain Management


Our supply chain management coordinates and oversees the complete workflow from wafer production up until the distribution of the finished product with all necessary test analyses. You will benefit from both the prototyping and batch production and at any time you will have just one point of contact. The supply chain covers all necessary processes in the manufacturing of a component. All the necessary tests (wafer and final test) are part of the supply chain.

Obsolescence Management

Proactively dealing with the discontinuation of a product significantly minimises problems. We offer our customers effective obsolescence management. Our strategies are proved in practice and cover the whole supply chain from the supplier to the customer. As well as the option of technology migration, an integral part of the strategy is the timed control for an optional last-time buy, with which the supply guarantee of the products in question is increased.


Packaging and Assembly

Through close collaboration with ISO certified, global manufacturers of semiconductor packages, we are able to supply our customers with products of the highest quality. Our focus is on your specific requirements concerning different areas of application. As well as standard packages such as SOIC, TSSOP, QFP and QFN, in our comprehensive range you can also find CSP, BGAs, PLCCs or DIL. For more challenging environments we can also supply ceramic variations of some components. We also offer the option of developing a package which is tailor-made to your needs.


As well as solely made-to-order production and immediate delivery afterwards, we can also take over the stocking and supply in a storage facility. With your prior agreement, this facility will be set up on the premises of Productivity Engineering GmbH or a subsidiary of your choice. Delivery can then be carried out on demand or triggered by a minimum stock level.

Partial Production

As well as handling the complete manufacturing of your component, our flexible supply chain management also offers the option of only having certain manufacturing stages carried out by us.

It is therefore conceivable that after the provision of tested wafers, Productivity Engineering only takes over the assembly, final test and timely distribution of the component. Conversely, we take care of the production and wafer testing and deliver to a packaging supplier of your choice, where you control the production yourself.

You will thus release yourself of the tasks that you cannot or do not want to carry out, but you are still involved in the manufacturing stages that are relevant to you and will be able to react straight away to variations in output yield, for example.


Because of the progressive miniaturization of electronic assemblies, some manufacturers have discontinued many of their older casing types because of low demand or are thinking about doing so. We have the solution for you: when packages are discontinued we can offer a 1:1 replacement from our various suppliers and therefore making sure that you can still manufacture your ASICS. The result will be that you can avoid the significant costs of modifying the design of circuit boards. If a suitable substitution for the package is not possible, we will happily advise you of the possibilities of continuing to manufacture your component using an alternative package that will be available for a long time. That way, the cost of storing large amounts of your component can be avoided.

Quality Assurance

Reliability Test

In various areas of application, especially in the automotive, air travel and medical sectors, component qualification is mandatory before the product can be batch produced. Artificial ageing of the component and the necessary reliability tests are part of the product qualification process. Reliability testing (EOS, ESD, HAST) und Burn-in testing (ELFR, HTOL) are carried out in accordance with the JEDEC standards. Deviations and failures are recorded and evaluated, thereby minimising the failure rate in batch production.

Wafer Test

During wafer manufacturing in the foundries, the process parameters are already being monitored with the help of the Process Control Monitor (PCM), in order to produce faultless wafers. Afterwards, each component on the wafer undergoes a functional test (parameter test) corresponding to the test specification. The test results are logged electronically on a wafer map. This enables the later sorting of ‘pass or fail’ objects during the assembly and provides the data analysis with the perfect mapping of every single component on the wafer.

Final Device Test

The final test is carried out on the finished components (ICs) at different test temperatures, which are dependent on the test specification and application in which they are to be used. Here, the testing of all DC parameters (VOH/IOH, VOL/IOL, IDD/ IDDQ) is carried out, as well as all functional analog and digital tests.

Analysis and Yield Monitoring

The professional data analysis for wafer and final tests is carried out with Galaxy Examinator-Pro. All test parameters from the wafer test to the final test are evaluated and visualized. As a standard feature, four plots (Histogram, Trend, Probability and Box) are generated for fast, effective survey. The range of the data analysis is diverse and precise, so that possible problems can be dealt with pro-actively.

You will benefit not just from perfect data analysis, but also from continuous yield monitoring during the wafer and final tests, from the initial sample until the batch production stage.


Implementation of Supplier Auditing

Continuous improvement within the supply chain is a prerequisite for high customer satisfaction. That’s why we regularly audit suppliers with our own certified lead auditor.