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We offer three different lines of application specific standard products.

LED Driver / Power Factor Correction

PFC to improve the power factor and this way reduce reactive power consumption

  • Reduce harmonic balances for AC/DC power conversion
  • Lighting applications
  • General SwitchModePowerSupplies
  • Industrial applications
  • Medical applications
  • Low and high power applications

Smart Sensor RFID

UHF and HF for logistical purposes with competitive benefits

  • Low power-long battery lifetime
  • On-chip temperature measurement
  • Large on-chip memory
  • Measurement of humidity, shock, acceleration, pressure via capactive sensing interface

Capacitive Sensor Controller

Sense capacitance changes on a sensor matrix, single ended or differential sensors

  • Multi touch sensing of buttons or screens
  • Rigid environments
  • Modern style
  • On-display buttons
  • High sensitivity
  • MEMS sensing for pressure, acceleration, rotation or others
  • Capacitive gas, humidity or other sensing